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Divinely Designed - A Scientific Approach to Apologetics for Teens, Young Adults
  • Divinely Designed - A Scientific Approach to Apologetics for Teens, Young Adults

    Language : English
    Publication Date : 3/17/2011


    Format : Softcover
    Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
    Page Count : 96
    ISBN : 9781456730918
    • About the book

      As a minister of the gospel this science teacher noticed scriptures in the Bible(KJV) that could be supported by specific science concepts. This book is divided into lessons that come directly from the science books. At the end of each lesson a discussion question is included. Each lesson has a scripture and concepts written to show the Earth and its inhabitants are here by Divine Design and not by random biological processes. This book is designed to be used in personal meditation, groups, classrooms, and/or conferences.

    • About the Author

      Rachel Ford Stephens holds a BS in secondary science education, a MAT in biology and a Doctorate in ministry. She taught high school science for over 30 years. She is married, with three children and two granddaughters. As a retired high school science teacher she wanted to continue to touch the lives of high school and college students. In the classroom she used her love of art to emphasize the concept being taught and to hold the interest of her students. Her desire in the classroom was to provoke the minds of her students to think beyond the lesson and find places in their lives that the concept could be applied. Writing this book provides her the opportunity to continue her loves; art, teaching and provoking the minds of young people.

    • Other info

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